From cattle to beef

JBS Greeley plant

Young Cattlemen’s Conference class members got a chance to tour the JBS Greeley beef plant this morning. Understandably, they wouldn’t allow me to take pictures. On one hand, that’s a good thing – that way I have no record of big tough cowboys in pretty white smocks, hard hats, and beard nets. On the other, it would be great to show how modern beef fabrication takes place. The standards on food safety and personal safety for the workers are high, not to mention the high animal welfare standards. The plant was processing 5,400 head per day this week. Our next stop: the JBS’s Five River Kuner Feedyard in Kersey, Colo.


One thought on “From cattle to beef

  1. I love these JBS posts! I took Temple Grandin’s class last semester at Colorado State University and she said that apparently JBS has installed live streaming video cameras in the plant. I can’t remember exactly where, and can’t find anything regarding that on their website. Did they mention anything on those? Hope you had a blast!

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