For the love of food

Do you know what a country chick loves? When you walk into a grocery store and see this:

Meat case

Across the aisle from this:


Across the aisle from this:


And down the way there was this:


Now I love my little hometown grocery store, complete with wood floors and a soda fountain at the back. But, I can only imagine what kind of good food I could cook up if I had this Safeway store a few miles from my home.

Safeway stores took the Young Cattlemen’s Conference class on a tour of their a flagship store in Littleton, Colo.


The store has 80,000 square feet of space that is designed so consumers can linger and enjoy their shopping experience. Especially at the meat case. Convenience is also key. They have created convenience foods like these ready-to-grill sliders that have the cheese and seasonings already mixed in.


Cathy East, group director with Safeway, says their quality objective is to offer beef that is tastes good and is more consistent than their competition. Which means it has to be tender, flavorful and juicy. And it must be working. Safeway’s brand, Ranchers Reserve won the 2011 Retail Beef Backer Innovator Award.

All I know is that today’s store visit makes me want to go home and cook a good beef meal for my family. And I imagine I’m not alone. That can only be good for the beef industry.


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