Boots on the Hill


Yesterday was a full day of boots on the Hill. Young Caattlemen’s Conference class members tested their skills by making congressional visits with their Representatives and Senators.


The group told their story to the folks in Washington that are representing them. And, they made sure those Congressmen knew the most important issues to the beef industry – including the Death Tax, Farm bill issues and regulations.


For me, the highlight of the day was being able to watch Senator Stabenow and Senator Roberts introduce the Farm Bill to the Senate floor. I’d like to say we had it all set up, but by chance, we were in Senator Roberts office just minutes before he was scheduled to be on the floor introducing the bill. His and Senator Moran’s staff quickly changed their plans to allow us to observe from the gallery.


What resonated with me is that these “boots on the hill” really do make a difference. Contents of the Senate’s proposed Farm Bill are there because farmers and ranchers took the time to visit the Hill. Sure, there will be lots of debate between now and the final version, but making our voices heard makes a difference. Afterall, these Senators and Representatives work for us. Listening to what we have to say is their job.


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