A better paper

So much goes into delivering a High Plains Journal to mailboxes every week. Sure there’s the obvious stuff – like covering the news and writing stories. And those classified ads? They don’t just pop onto the page by themselves. But there are other things that people don’t often think about . Number one on that list is probably printing.

Unlike many of the other farm and ranch magazines, our company prints our own publication. That allows us to turn the news around as fast as possible. We print all of the newsprint in Dodge City. Our sister company, McCormick Armstrong in Wichita prints all of our coated stock pages. And just like agriculture, printing has changed and is becoming increasingly technical and precise.


In order to make sure our Dodge City crew and the folks in Wichita are on the same page, we spent the day yesterday in Wichita. And we got to see the shiny new edition of High Plains Journal running on the press.




Don’t tell anybody, but there’s a close-up of a dairy cow on the cover next week.


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