I pretended to be a real photographer


See those people? They are my friends, Cassadie and Jordan, and they got married last weekend. Technically, I’m probably friends with her parents because I remember when that beautiful bride was a toddler digging in the dirt in the cattle stalls. I’ve known her a long time. And her family is “good people.” Like salt-of-the-earth, do-anything-for-you people.

Cassadie’s family is now big into the goat business, which is how she met Jordan. I’ve taken pictures at their goat sale every spring. You may or may not have noticed that I like to take pictures. This, perhaps, is the understatement of the year. And I do it as a part of my job, but portraits are not my thing. A goat sale? No problem. A wedding? Not so much.

So when Cassadie hired my friend Tracy from Tracy Ellen Photography to take her wedding photos, I some how weaseled my way into getting to be second shooter. Being a second shooter means that you go to the wedding, take a lot of secondary photos but you have none of the pressure of getting “the kiss” or worrying about the candles that are growing out of the bride’s head in her formal photo. Really, second shooter is a pretty good gig.

I did get a few good shots.






This little guy (aka my youngest son) did a nose dive for the garter. Those are some guns, now.


Tracy did better than I did. She might have done this a time or two:






Working with Tracy was great. I did a lot of “Ohhhh. It would look good from here,” and “What if she stood there?” By the end of the day, Tracy probably was looking forward to next week when she’s on her own again. But I enjoyed it. And we were able to capture Cassadie and Jordan’s special day. I was glad I could be a part of it in a very small way.

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