You know you are from the country

if this is the bane of your existence:


I hate them. And I’m not using the word “hate” lightly.

I understand that I live in an old house with leaky windows and boys that have a hard time closing the back door. But crimeny. They are every where.

I come home from work and spend the next three hours swatting flies. Last night I swatted 10 in a row with out turning. Yes, it is that bad. And yes, I clean my house but you can’t tell by that photo above. These lovely little creatures leave fly specks everywhere.

Now I love living in the country, don’t get me wrong. And I like the cattle out my back door and the barn across the road. But if there’s one thing that stinks, it is flies.

Please tell me I’m not the only one. Anyone? Anyone?


One thought on “You know you are from the country

  1. No pest strips between the inside doors & storm doors (& windows) help. Also a no pest strip by a night light (away from bedrooms & kitchen) helps; just have to remember to sweep up the dead bugs in the morning! Maybe someone will be giving away free flyswatters at the 3I Show (hint, hint).

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