My (un)organized work life

Last week I spent the entire week in the office. The. Entire. Week.

No work trips. No day meetings across the state. AND no hours-on-end meetings.

It was blissful.

But the problem with weeks like that? You realize all of the things you have neglected as you ran around and did the things that must be done.

One task that has been sorely neglected is backing up my computer. I have good intentions. (See note hanging above my desk.)


But when I go to back up my files, I don’t have any way of knowing which files I have updated and which ones I haven’t. Consequently, it is just one huge backup folder that keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger. And it keeps taking longer and longer to back up because every single file has to be re-written.

So I’ve decided to reorganize my entire computer into files divided by year. Always before I had a folder called “columns” with subfolders of “2012,” “2011” and so on. Now, I’ll have a folder called “2012” with a subfolder called “columns.”

Now, I know to some of you who organization comes naturally this seems like the most obvious fix there ever was. To the organization-challenged (that would be me), it took me a while.

I’ve made one last huge dump onto the server of my last system. And from now on, I can simply replace the 2012 folder at the first of every month, house the old stuff on the server and live happily every after.


I’ve thrown a lot of files into the trash. See below.

And that’s just to “A.” But I have yet to say “Empty trash.”

Why? No idea. I just might need that mailing label from 1998, you know. Geez.

If they ever have a Hoarders episode for computer files, sign me up.


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