A victory dance

I would like to share a little victory with y’all. (I know I’m not from the south but that sounded appropriate.)

Last weekend, I did ALL the laundry. I don’t mean, I got the major stuff (jeans and underwear) done. And I don’t mean everything but the towels. Or everything except for the delicate load that I’ve needed to wash for six weeks.

I mean jeans, colors, whites, sweaters, towels, sheets – the WHOLE stinkin’ mess is clean.



For about five minutes there was nothing in the baskets, nothing on the floor in the bathroom, nothing hanging on a door handle. It was done. It was all very exciting. Or at least it was for this working mom.

And then? For three days now, I’ve done a load a day to keep up. I know. It’s just too much.

I know by writing this, I’ll jinx it. But hey. I’m going to celebrate while I can.


3 thoughts on “A victory dance

  1. Hey. those baskets have stickers on them. Are you sure you didn’t take this photo at Walmart? Just kidding! What I really want to know is did all the socks match up? Any loners?

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