And so I didn’t blog for a while

But you probably noticed that. Or maybe you didn’t because there’s no one reading this silly thing.

Either way, I’m just going to pretend there are people out there reading and I’m sorry.

See, the thing is, there’s been a lot of stuff going on.

Like this:


Lots of pig business going on for my crew.


And a little cattle business too.

But the real cattle business has been quite a bit of this:


And then there’s this:


Yes, there’s been a lot of work. “They” tell me it is a good thing to be this busy. It means you’re valuable. It means business is good. It means job security. I’d like to know who “they” are and give them a piece my mind. Being a little less busy wouldn’t hurt my feelings one little bit.

But most of all, the thing that has kept me the most busy is this:


I love Adam The Voice. Adam The contestents are so talented. Adam They could sing to me anytime. Oh, and they have this really attractive judge. I forget his name.

See you more often. I promise!


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