Good, good morning


Good morning! It’s Friday. Before a three-day weekend. How could you NOT be in a good mood? Have I mentioned lately I love living in the country?


I hate to jinx it

I hate to jinx it, but we have all of the fair projects ready more than 12 hours ahead of the fair. This worries me.


It’s not that I like to worry, it is just that being ready for the fair ahead of time is not normal. I’m sure there are mothers out there who have nice categorized and labeled bins that hold completed fair projects months in advanced. Not in the Martin household. Nuh-uh. Not going to happen.


Please don’t misunderstand. We are NOT ready for the fair. We have many things left to do. Clothes need washed. Jeans need starched. Snacks need to be bought. The trailer needs loaded. Chairs need to be rounded up.


But for the most part, the critical things are done. The boys’ projects are ready. There will be no late-night picture mounting this year. We will not be crossing our fingers hoping the paint dries on the welding project before it is judged. We’ve got the pigs clipped and the chickens washed.

And early Friday morning it all begins. Wish us luck – and hope that I haven’t jinxed us by writing about being done early.

Red, white and blue

Happy Flag Day! (Do me a favor and pretend this post was yesterday. I didn’t get it posted yesterday like I intended.)




A line of the red, white and blue flying in the wind is a beautiful site.

I pretended to be a real photographer


See those people? They are my friends, Cassadie and Jordan, and they got married last weekend. Technically, I’m probably friends with her parents because I remember when that beautiful bride was a toddler digging in the dirt in the cattle stalls. I’ve known her a long time. And her family is “good people.” Like salt-of-the-earth, do-anything-for-you people.

Cassadie’s family is now big into the goat business, which is how she met Jordan. I’ve taken pictures at their goat sale every spring. You may or may not have noticed that I like to take pictures. This, perhaps, is the understatement of the year. And I do it as a part of my job, but portraits are not my thing. A goat sale? No problem. A wedding? Not so much.

So when Cassadie hired my friend Tracy from Tracy Ellen Photography to take her wedding photos, I some how weaseled my way into getting to be second shooter. Being a second shooter means that you go to the wedding, take a lot of secondary photos but you have none of the pressure of getting “the kiss” or worrying about the candles that are growing out of the bride’s head in her formal photo. Really, second shooter is a pretty good gig.

I did get a few good shots.






This little guy (aka my youngest son) did a nose dive for the garter. Those are some guns, now.


Tracy did better than I did. She might have done this a time or two:






Working with Tracy was great. I did a lot of “Ohhhh. It would look good from here,” and “What if she stood there?” By the end of the day, Tracy probably was looking forward to next week when she’s on her own again. But I enjoyed it. And we were able to capture Cassadie and Jordan’s special day. I was glad I could be a part of it in a very small way.

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