The gift that keeps on giving


Note: I wrote this post several weeks ago and guess what? I never hit the “publish” button. Yep. That’s how organized I am. Better late than never, right?

A couple of summers ago, a friend of my mother-in-law posted on Facebook that she was thinning her iris bed and would share with anyone who wanted them. I quickly asked for some.

I love the whole idea of sharing plants. I’m not sure of the origin of Cindy’s irises, but I know that she’s had them a very long time.

And the best part about it all? Years from now, when my bed is full and I need to thin, I’ll share with someone else.

I will never look at a bloom out of this bed without thinking about the gift Cindy gave me. Long after she’s gone and long after I’m gone, those plants will be blooming. What better gift could there be?


Pinterest made me do it

I love Pinterest. You can see that here.

Just the other night my husband asked, “Is Pinterest the reason we can’t have normal food anymore?”

Isn’t he just hilarious?

But he won’t be laughing tonight because I’m making this.

Picture 2

They love Lasagna Soup and the weather turned cold enough that it just seems like the right thing to make tonight.

Speaking of Pinterest. . . did you know that just “pinning” something doesn’t actually make it magically appear in your home? Someone should get on that. It would be so much easier.

So, I saw this pin recently. is a great blog. I’ve read her blog for a while now because maybe there’s something to this learning by osmosis thing. If she’s organized and I read her blog then I’ll be organized too, right? Right?

Picture 1

Back to this photo. If you saw underneath my bathroom cabinet, you’d cringe in horror. I took the plunge and bought a couple of plastic drawers. Now, to actually have the time to go through my stuff and see if I can make some sense of organizing that one tiny little spot in my home. I’ll keep you posted, but a word to the wise – don’t hold your breath.

If it seems like I haven’t been here in a while. . .

It’s because it is July. And around these here parts, July is one busy month: County fair, another pig show and the biggest farm show in the area.

While I was working on some promotion for our county fair, I ran across these pictures from last year’s fair.

It was a nice reminder about the joy of the fair – and I’m not being sarcastic. Truly, at this point, 10 days before the fair, it is pretty hard to remember anything but the stress.


It’s about kids having fun.


It’s about kids learning.


It’s about the community supporting a really great group of young people.


But this? This sums it up.


This group of little brothers and sisters were too young to be in “real” 4-H last year. But, as anyone in 4-H knows, 4-H is a family project. It doesn’t matter if you are 5, 15, or 50 – everyone is involved. So this crew became fast buddies. That’s my boy there, surrounded by some pretty sweet little blonde girls. Something tells me that 10 years from now, this same crew will still be running around together only then, we might need to supervise them a little more closely.

A visit to Whitestone Farm

Yesterday evening the Young Cattlemen’s Conference class took a trip to Aldie, Virginia to beautiful Whitestone Farm. For the last 30 years, Whitestone has been offering premium Angus genetics to cattlemen all over the world. But most imporantly to the … Continue reading