Getting the word out

Ever have a moment when you are ridiculously proud of a kid (or group of kids) that aren’t your own? Yeah, me too.

One of those moments happened last week when I saw this video. I wrote about their family here when my son stayed with them for a livestock judging camp. They are good people. The whole family. Those same kids, their friends, teachers, family and community are a part of this video. I’m writing about them in my column this week. It’s become a huge deal.

So big that while I was on the phone with the teachers who spear-headed this project, 20/20 called. Yes, THAT 20/20. And then ABC. And this was just after two segments appeared on the morning programs of NBC and CBS. It’s getting crazy.

The best part? The teachers told me as they finished their video they joked about it becoming as big as the Peterson brothers hit, “Farming and I Grow It.” “We looked at each other, laughed and hit ‘upload,’” one of them said. And now they are at a quarter-million hits.

The thing that makes me so proud? Is this group of rural kids and teachers are a class act. They speak with passion and conviction. They are good communicators. They didn’t just complain about something they thought was wrong. They stood up and did something about it.


The world of Pinterest

First thing first: my oven is fixed. Hip! Hip! Hooray!

Second thing second: Because I’ve been without my oven for longer than I care to think about, I was anxious to use it. I mean any girl on Pinterest in her right mind finds 627 recipes a week to pin. And usually, I’m a pretty good discerner of Pinterest recipes. It’s really not all that hard. Butter? It will be delicious. Cream? You betcha. Cheese and bacon together? Well, that’s just a no-brainer.

But sometimes, I bomb. And last night was one of those times. Maybe it wasn’t a big-time bomb, but it definitely wasn’t a win either. I tried the Pizza Hut Pan Pizza copycat recipe. They looked good (although the photo leaves a lot to be desired.) But the taste was just not the same. I need to do some tweaking and if it works, I’ll let you know.
And this is where I talk about a cool thing that one of my friends started doing and I copied. Good ideas are meant to be copied, right?!

So my friend, Amanda, started re-pinning recipes that she had tried to a “Food Review” board. She would try a recipe and re-pin it there, writing a review of that recipe. Brilliant! Not to mention she’s a good cook. So I copied. My food review board is called “Food I’ve Made” so if you follow me on Pinterest, keep an eye on that board.

Which leads me to publicly state that I need to organize my Pinterest boards. A tip: If you are new to Pinterest, don’t worry about having too many boards. I have a board called “Food.” Now THAT’S descriptive. Try to be more organized than me. It won’t be hard.