You choose. Be happy.

So I haven’t been here for a while. But this was too good not to share.

Warning: This is about get a little preachy.

Life is all about choices. Whatever you do, whatever happens, you can choose happiness. It may be harder at times than others – I know that firsthand – but you can still choose. My favorite line of the whole thing?

“Enjoy ¬†your relationship with yourself, and then anyone who comes in will enter into a party you already started.”

I got a party goin’ on. I love that.

Oh, another favorite: “If you don’t see yourself as valuable, nobody else will.”

And: “If you don’t like you, it makes it hard for me to like you.”

And my final favorite is:¬†Relationships – with God, your spouse, your friends, your kids – are important because, “You can’t be fruitful by yourself.”

But stop reading. Go watch the video. It’s way better than I could ever say.


Pinterest made me do it

I love Pinterest. You can see that here.

Just the other night my husband asked, “Is Pinterest the reason we can’t have normal food anymore?”

Isn’t he just hilarious?

But he won’t be laughing tonight because I’m making this.

Picture 2

They love Lasagna Soup and the weather turned cold enough that it just seems like the right thing to make tonight.

Speaking of Pinterest. . . did you know that just “pinning” something doesn’t actually make it magically appear in your home? Someone should get on that. It would be so much easier.

So, I saw this pin recently. is a great blog. I’ve read her blog for a while now because maybe there’s something to this learning by osmosis thing. If she’s organized and I read her blog then I’ll be organized too, right? Right?

Picture 1

Back to this photo. If you saw underneath my bathroom cabinet, you’d cringe in horror. I took the plunge and bought a couple of plastic drawers. Now, to actually have the time to go through my stuff and see if I can make some sense of organizing that one tiny little spot in my home. I’ll keep you posted, but a word to the wise – don’t hold your breath.

Tomato blobs

One of my goals when I started this blog was to share what I thought were good ideas – particularly for country working girls. It’s not that I come up with many of those ideas by myself. Mostly, I steal them. That’s what a good idea is for, right? To steal? Well, that’s my philosophy anyway.

This happens to be one of those good ideas that is my own. I’m sure that someone else has had this idea before, but I thunk of it mine own self. You see I have this problem: if a recipe calls for less than a whole container, I won’t can’t throw the rest of it away. And so I have half a can of tomatoes in the refrigerator until they spoil. And then I throw it away. I know. Brilliant.

One thing that you almost never use all of, is tomato paste. For some reason, recipes call for one or two tablespoons of the stuff. And then you’re throwing away almost a whole can. Ack! Or, if you freeze the rest of the can, it is in one big hunk and there’s no way to divide it up for the next recipe.


Enter my cookie scoop. I realized my small cookie scoop is about one tablespoon. I used it to drop balls-o-paste on wax paper and then froze them. Voila – easy-to-use, pre-measured blobs of tomato paste. (Please ignore the fact that I don’t know how to make that accenty-thing over the ‘a’ in Voila!)


Ok. So maybe it sounds weird when I say it like that, but trust me. It works.